Diving requirements

What are the requirements for diving?


In general, anyone who is fit and healthy, can swim and is at least 8 years old, can make his first diving experiences. Children do not dive as deeply as adults do. Important prerequisites for the diving course are that there are no diseases of the sinuses, frontal sinuses, ear canals, and respiratory tract: all are air-filled cavities in our bodies, which are compressed on the descent. Each dive center will ask you for a pre-dive condition with a questionnaire on your state of health - or, as a precaution, you will visit a diving specialist to obtain a medical dive certificate that certifies your fitness for diving.


These are by and large already the most important prerequisites for diving. Even if you are prepared in detail in the diving course and you can get used to it bit by bit: In a dive you are underwater for about 45 minutes, a rapid emergence is usually not possible for security reasons. Be aware in advance that as you dive, you will learn to control possible panic reflexes and exercise them to dive safely. These are not prerequisites for diving, but you learn this completely relaxed under the guidance of experienced instructors during the dive course.


Diving helps you to consciously and calmly perceive your beautiful underwater environment while keeping a cool head in stressful situations - all qualities that you can always use well outside of the water.




If you are already a diver, bring your Diving license and logbook with you.